The Institute is located in Kolossi close to the supermarket (Alpha Mega) in a comfortable and modern buildings equipped with all modern technology used in education (computer, smart board ) which provide efficiency, flexibility in teaching.

The Institute offers a range of Business Subjects which are taught by Mrs Elena Michael and other qualified and experienced teachers:

  • Accounting (LCCI Elementary/Intermediate/Higher + GCE O’Level/A’Level + Exams for the entrance in Cyprus Universities and abroad ( Pangypries).
  • Economics ( GCE A’Level, Exams for the entrance in Cyprus Universities and abroad (Pangypries).
  • Business Studies (GCE A’ level)
  • Russian Language for students of Lyceum and employees
  • Marketing for students of Lyceum and employees
  • Learning Assistance to University students in relation to Accounting or any Business Subject.
  • Η Ηρίνα μας (Irina Stanescu) από Ρουμανία έχει ολοκληρώσει πετυχυμένα κοντά μας τα 3 LEVEL LCCI ( Elementary, Intermediate , Higher) και είναι ήδη ACCA Student ! Εχει κάμει επίσης πολλά σεμινάρια μας με στόχο την απόκτηση εμπειρίας και γνώσεων! Εργάζεται σε γνωστή εταιρεία Forex όπου αποκτά την εμπειρική της καριέρα στα Λογιστικά!

    Δίπλα στους μαθητές μας από την αρχή μέχρι το τέλος και για εξεύρεση εργασίας στην Κυπριακή αγορά!

    Τα όνειρα σας γίνονται πραγμστικότητα κοντά μας!



    Irina Stanescu
  • From the best seminars I have ever attended. It is worthwhile if you are interested to develop your accounting knowledge, practice and skills. Thank you Mrs Elena.
    Maria Mylona
  • A fabulous seminar with a great trainer and teacher Mrs Elena Michael! We had a wonderful time and learned more than expected!! Thank you for transferring your accounting knowledge, practice and skills Mrs Elena.
    Spiroula Ignatiou
  • It a great team!! Thank you Mrs Elena for the seminar. You are a wonderful person and a great teacher!
    Maria Achilleos Markitani
  • An excellent trainer with great teaching skills! Hospitable and kind to help, to transfer her knowledge and experiences! A seminar with rich contents, too many information that needs years to be obtained and build up through office practice!
    Theano Georgiou
  • I attended the Seminar ‘Technical Experience in the Accounts Department’ after completing my studies in BSC in Administration & Accounting of University of Cyprus in order to find a job in an Accounts Department…and indeed worked! As soon as I sent out my updated CVs with the Seminar, I have been called up for interviews and get employed in an Accounts Department position in a company in Nicosia where I work for 2 years now! Thank you Mrs Elena Michael!
    Raphaela Michael